Corona Virus

We at Lunar are sending love and support to you all through these trying times with the COVID-19 virus, and are doing whatever we can to implement safe practices.

In these unsure times we all need to support each other and think and act for the betterment of the collective. From being there for loved ones, family and friends to making sure that we stay disciplined ourselves and follow the safety guidelines, we have a challenge ahead but not one we can’t overcome together.

We need to be aware that this might be easier for some and there will be many people affected not just by the virus itself but also the repercussions of it. There is no doubt that it will be a shock to the economy, but try your best to safely support small businesses and those that need it. We mustn’t forget that many rely on day to day wages to put food on the table.

As a small two person business we have and will continue to appreciate your support in these uncertain times. Our online orders will stay open and if you have any concerns please feel free to get in touch.

Let’s try to uplift everyone around us, even from afar. Take care of yourselves and your communities, reach out to those who might need help, and don’t underestimate the power of positivity and support.

Team Lunar


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