Same designs, improved materials and processes


We’ve got some exciting new developments with regards to our latest batch of Lunar Straps that we would like to share with you.

Since we started this company in 2017 we have had the goal of constantly improving our products and service and we are excited to share a large improvement that we have been working on for our first 2020 batch.

We have upgraded our material, printing and manufacturing processes!

One of our key focuses aside from our customers, is sustainability and being environmentally aware. Through research and product development we are always trying to educate ourselves further on the pros and cons of both materials and processes and how we can improve them. What we have found is that we can improve our quality and sustainability with regards to the canvas we use as the main component for our straps. The exciting news is that we will be replacing our current organic canvas with a webbing weave which is customized precisely to our specification.

The reasons behind the shift from an organic canvas fabric to a weave is because through our research we have come to learn that organic canvas fabric gets bleached in preparation for digital printing, which can be harmful to the environment and requires a large amount of water to do so. The ink used to print on the canvas can also be harmful, which we believe defeats the purpose of being organic.

The eco-solution that we have now established in our printing process is Dye-sublimation and is the most environmentally friendly, sustainable process possible in garment printing and production. It produces ZERO waste because the process involves turning a solid directly to a gas, so there is no water needed for dyeing. Dye-sublimation is more durable as it penetrates the surface which uses molecular bonding rather than printing on top of it which relies on surface adhesion.


Benefits of the new product vs. the previous canvas straps:

  • more durable
  • no colour fade
  • no peeling or cracking of the print
  • easy to clean
  • more eco-friendly than canvas
  • softer feel
  • same great designs
  • more reliable production
  • less labour and production times
  • lower carbon footprint
  • more waterproof
  • no water pollution
  • non toxic inks
  • minimal energy required compared to other printing methods
  • zero waste of water and material


Thank you for supporting us this far and we hope you are as excited as we are for the improvements in both the products and the sustainability and hope that we can continue this journey with you as our loyal customers.

Pricing and packaging will remain the same, just a new and improved product for you to take home:)

If you would like any more information on the above then please don’t hesitate to ask.


Kind Regards,

Team Lunar


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