The Jade

Unique camera straps with genuine leather ends.
Perfect for any DSLR cameras and binoculars.

Makes a great companion for your adventures or a perfect gift.

One of the newer members of the group, the Jade encompasses the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. A revitalising colour for clarity of thought on your photography adventures.

Free delivery to all major centres in SA on a minimum order of one Camera Strap


Out of stock

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Same designs, improved materials and processes

At Lunar we have a large focus on constantly improving our products and service. For this latest batch of Lunar Straps we have implemented a new material and manufacturing method that makes the straps more durable, sustainable, and refined.
Where our previous straps were made of canvas, they are now made of a polyester webbing which is easier to clean, and will withstand more wear and tear. The process of printing is also

more eco friendly than our previous straps as there is now zero water waste and much less energy required. The material is more water resistant and has a lower carbon footprint.
Once you feel and see the quality you will understand that this move was not just functional and sustainable, but tactual and tangible too!
Same great designs and price, better materials and finished product!

If you’d like to read more about this shift, head on over to our Blog for a more in depth explanation of the Sustainability Shift.